Forensic Training and Consultation

Dr. James Bow's current practice is limited to forensic training and consultation. He provides consultation to attorneys, courts, and licensing boards regarding work product reviews. He also assists attorneys in preparing for cross-examining expert witnesses. Dr. Bow no longer conducts evaluations for the court or any other type of evaluations or treatment.

Dr. Bow has provided local and national workshops in the forensic area, along with supervising professionals and trainees. He was formerly a consultant to the Child Custody Program in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at Wayne State University.

Dr. Bow has conducted much research over the years on child custody practice. He is widely published in the field. He has interests in child custody practice, including topics such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, domicile relocation, parental alienation, and mental health issues. He also has much expertise in ethics and risk management.

Professional cell phone: 586-596-7522
Email:Click here.