Consultation with Attorneys and Court

Dr. Bow provides second opinion review of child custody reports for attorneys and/or the court. Due to Dr. Bow's research and teaching experience, he is familiar with child custody guidelines, procedures, and practices. He also conducted a national study on the critical review of child custody reports, which was published in Family Court Review.

Dr. Bow is able to provide an objective and thorough critique of child custody reports. Areas examined include:

   Conformity of procedures and practice to child custody guidelines, ethical standards, and current custody research.
Appropriate selection of procedures.
Selection of assessment instruments/tests.
Interpretation of assessment instruments/tests.
Integration of findings and support for stated opinions.
Degree of objectivity shown.
Appropriate use of collateral contacts.

When notes and raw data are provided as well, a more extensive analysis is possible.

If deficiencies are evident in the report, Dr. Bow will assist the attorney in preparing questions for trial.

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