Forensic Evaluations

The following types of forensic evaluations are performed by Dr. Bow:

Dr. Bow provides empirical-based, comprehensive court ordered child custody evaluations. These evaluations are based on the best interests of the child criteria as established by Michigan Law. A model custody evaluation referral order is available in the Forms section for attorneys.

Child custody evaluations include the following components:

   A review of pertinent documents and reports.
In-depth psychosocial histories and clinical interviews with each parent.
Psychological testing of each parent and spouse/live-together-partner.
Clinical interview(s) with each child.
Psychological testing of children as deemed necessary.
Parent-child observations through a one-way mirror.
Interviews with significant others (e.g., spouses, live-together partners, etc.).
Contact with important collateral sources.
Home visits occur when necessary.

The above procedures generally take 18-25 hours to complete. From beginning to end, evaluations usually take four to six weeks to finish. Reports are generally about 25-35 pages long. Copies are sent to the judge and each attorney. Fees for child custody evaluations start at $5,000.

Dr. Bow also specializes in the assessment of allegations of sexual abuse and domestic violence in child custody disputes. These evaluations are usually more complex and time consuming. The cost usually starts at $6,000.

Dr. Bow performs psychological evaluations on individuals referred by the court. These evaluations generally focus on the mental health functioning of a parent or child. The following components are involved: a thorough psycho-social history, clinical interview, psychological testing, review of documents, and collateral contacts. Such evaluations usually take 5-10 hours. A five to ten page report is provided at the completion of the evaluation. The cost of a court ordered psychological evaluation starts at $1,200.

Dr. Bow also performs abuse/neglect evaluations focusing on the termination of parental rights. These evaluations are very comprehensive and usually involve the same components used in a child custody evaluation. The cost generally starts at $3,500.

Dr. Bow performs empirical-based forensic evaluations focusing on allegations of sexual abuse. These evaluations are based on a comprehensive model, including a review of pertinent documents, thorough psychosocial/psychosexual history of the child/family, audio-taped interviews of the child using the Michigan Forensic Model, interviews with important collateral sources, and testing of the child as needed. Evaluation time and cost vary depending on the complexity of the case. A comprehensive report is provided at the end of the evaluation.

Dr. Bow conducts sexual offender evaluations on adjudicated youth to determine their treatment and placement needs, particularly when mental health issues are involved. Such information assists the court in determining if a mental health or delinquency setting will best serve the youth's needs. These evaluations involve record review, a thorough psychosocial/psychosexual history, clinical interviews, psychological testing, risk assessment, and contacts with pertinent collateral sources. A comprehensive report is provided. The cost is usually around $1,200.

Dr. Bow performs risk assessments on parental figures found to have committed sexual misconduct. These evaluations are very comprehensive and empirical based. Components involve record review, thorough psychosocial/psychosexual history, clinical interviews, psychological testing, risk assessment, and contacts with pertinent collateral sources. A report and/or testimony are provided as requested. Cost varies depending on the specific assessment questions and complexity of the case.

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